Monday, June 1, 2009

ROAD TRIP Part II: The Sweet Stuff

After our long bike ride around Town Lake and along Barton Springs and back, we went to check out Hey Cupcake! which is a cute little cupcake shop located in an Airstream on South Congress. I think after the 15 mile ride, this was the most guiltless I've ever felt while indulging in a cupcake.

Brad's was chocolate with buttercream, and mine is vanilla cake with buttercream,
the way God intended cupcakes. They will make it a "whipper-snapper"
by injecting fresh whipped cream into the center.

Let's all say it together now--YUM!

We headed back to the Gaithers' beautiful home for a delicious
steak dinner and veggie prepared by our wonderful hosts,
and then, we had this.

Blue Bell Groom's Cake. Oh my word.

If you have not had it, you must go get some. This half gallon was purchased at the thing I would love the most about living in Austin (other than our gorgeous pink Capitol building)--HEB Plus. (HEB, if you are listening, please, please come to my town. I don't even need the Plus!)

But the sweetest part of the trip was spending time with our friends who we just do not see enough! We rounded out the weekend on Sunday by worshipping with the Gaither's Austin church family and then taking in the beautiful views at the Oasis for lunch.

Mikalah and Jarrod, thank you for having us and showing us such a great time!


  1. I'm so jealous!! Cupcakes and Blue Bell?!? The cupcakes we can get, but I'm afraid the Blue Bell Grooms Cake will have to wait until a trip home... (although there is one restaurant here that offers vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry Blue Bell)

  2. Oh my goodness- those cupcakes look SO good! We've had that groom's cake ice's like heaven!

  3. I am not sure I should admit this, but we have actually written letters to HEB asking them to come up here. That is all I knew for the first 23 years of my life, and it is much better than anything up here. I have heard they are making their way to the DFW area though in the next few years. So, there is hope!

  4. I've got to try that ice cream! Will you have any this weekend for dessert?!?


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