Sunday, June 28, 2009

You Are What You Love

Several times a year I turn my iPod over to Drew, who is an ardent follower of independent musicians. There is so much to be discovered, but I just plain don't have time to survey it all. I spend a lot of time in my car commuting, and I like to mix it up. He loads me up with stuff that he thinks I will like, and his filter is usually right on the money. Thanks, bro!

Right after Christmas he introduced me to Jenny Lewis. I love her music. She's got a great voice and is a wonderful storyteller. And you can sing along, which is what I am all about!

Last Tuesday night, we met up with Drew at the Granada for her show, and she did not disappoint. She was having such a good time that it would have been hard to be in the crowd and not have fun.

Here's one of my favorites...Sing a Song for Them.

As a side note, every time I looked at her album cover on my iPod, I couldn't figure out why she looked so familiar. So I looked her up on wikipedia and found out exactly why. SHE PLAYED HANNAH NEFFLER! That would be one of the main characters in one of my absolute favorites from childhood--Troop Beverly Hills.

If it is possible, that makes me ♥ her even more.


  1. You and I have the same taste in music so if I wanted to buy a couple of her songs, what are your favorites?

    We must get together soon!!! Seriously.

  2. Ok, thanks Emily, now I'm going to have to dig that VHS out and watch the movie so I know which one she was! Love those '80s movies!

  3. Wait a minute. You didn't know she was a child actress prior to going to the show? Wow!

    I had told my mom and sister about going to the show about a week before and they were like, "Who?" so I sent them this: :-)

  4. Sher, I will send you an e-mail!

    Matt, I found out she was a child actress the day after I bought the tickets back in May.

    However, I did NOT know that she was in The Wizard (because I have never seen it) until that night. Brad was a little more impressed with that one. :)

    Beverly Hills, what a thrill!


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