Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

It may be a couple of days late, but I'm posting about Valentine's Day anyway. I kicked off the weekend by getting sick (mostly the sniffling, coughing stuff going around), so that put a slight damper on things. But I fought through it, and got up Saturday morning to make my man a Valentine's breakfast of puffed pancakes, scrambled eggs, and not-burned-bacon. (I was very proud of that last part considering this history, to say the least.)

We spent the day cleaning the house and running errands for an event at our house on Sunday. I have to take a moment to brag on BWG right here. He cleans the floors at our house--mopping, vacuuming--all of it is Brad. This is a huge blessing, and I appreciate it so much. That's just one of the many ways he is a blessing to me. I keep thinking that I want a Dyson vacuum cleaner because of its miraculous cleaning capabilities (and because I ♥ gadgets), and then I remember: what do I care? I don't do the vacuuming! So maybe some Christmas or birthday I will surprise him with one. (I know he will be just so excited.)

After we finished up with that for the evening, we headed to Joe T. Garcia's for dinner. We have decided that we don't enjoy the crowds that go along with Valentine's day dining out. If we want to pay over $100 for dinner, we'd prefer to actually enjoy it. Joe T's is known for being able to accomodate large crowds of people, so it's a perfect spot for V-day.

We sat on the patio, and with the big heaters going, it was probably warmer there than inside. The night was perfect--great company and good food. We ended the night with more cleaning and me finishing off a box of kleenex with the nose that will not stop running. Incredibly romantic, right?

Here's a parting shot of the Valentine I gave Brad. I think my fellow children of the 80s will appreciate it...

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  1. Sounds fun and productive! We need to go back to Joe T's with y'all!


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