Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 Cowtown 5K

I decided back in January to run the Cowtown 5K. It's probably been two years since I last ran 3 miles at once, so it required a little bit of conditioning. Thankfully, I had a friend, Whitney, running it too, so it gave me just the accountability I needed to get off the couch and get to it. Thank you, Whitney!

So there I was downtown this morning, wondering where all that beautiful, fabulous, springy weather we've had all week ran off to. At racetime, it was 34 degrees with a windchill of even lower. I really can't think of a moment in my life when I have been more cold.

Here I am, wondering what the heck I was thinking
signing up for this freezing business.

After we got out into the sunshine, it was a beautiful morning. I look ridiculous in this hat, but I was so glad I had it on!

After the race with the husbands (Whitney's husband Bryan ran too.)


  1. I will have to let him answer that one. :)

  2. He was in intensive training for Spring 09 Softball . . .

    As his angent, I can tell you that his contract explicitly states that "the participation in any events including, but not limited to, tennis, croquet, water polo, under-water basket weaving, pole-vaulting, curling, steriods, high-diving, Bible lifting, political discussions, eating shell fish, watching Sesame Street, AND maraton activities contractually require immediate suspension of pay."



  3. Congrats! :) that is great. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and you got out and ran a 5k:)


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