Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slow Saturday

Recently Alisia recommended Yucatan Taco Stand to us, and seeing that we were having a slow day and feeling adventurous, we decided to try it out. There are any number of great taco stands on corners all around DFW, so you can imagine how hard we laughed at ourselves when we got to the restaurant and realized this was not your average taco stand. It was a stylish and modern restaurant in the medical district, rather than a converted Winnebago. Think Fuzzy's Tacos, but a bit more upscale.

The food was delicious. Hands down the best thing we tried today was the garlic beef taco, but we saw some nachos being delivered to another table that we plan on ordering on our next visit. You'll find Yucatan close to the corner of Hemphill and Magnolia. The next taco stand we intend to visit is Tacolote, as mentioned by the Laramores.

We also did our taxes today. Boring.

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