Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Puppy Story

A few days ago, in a backyard not that far away lived a dog named Penny Lane. Penny Lane was no docile man's best friend. No, instead, she might have what can only be described as a textbook case of hyperactivity. (Or maybe she is just being a puppy. Whatever.)

One day, Penny discovered she had a friend in the neighboring backyard. She liked to prance and hop along the fenceline, flirting with her new friend and squeaking at him. Yes, squeaking and hopping, embarrassing canines neighborhood-wide with her mouse and rabbit act.

After a period of time squeaking and hopping, Penny and her new friend discovered a crack in the bottom of one of the pickets of her People's fence. It was leftover from a rabid game of horse shoes with their Sunday school class over Memorial Day weekend last summer in their pre-puppy days. Penny thought, "A-ha! I will work this cracked piece of wood until I can break it free! Then I will be able to see my friend better."

So Penny went to work and managed to break away the small piece. Her People just laughed at her when she wedged her body into the hole and discussed among the two of them how they should really replace the fence board before she got stuck.

One Wednesday night, Penny's Girl got home from church and heard her squeaking as usual in the backyard. When Girl finally had enough of the squeaking, she opened up the back door and called the little puppy, but the puppy would not come to the door! Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Penny had squeezed through the hole into the neighbors' yard and was scared to death that she had lost her family forever!

So Penny's Girl went next door and rescued her, and she was a good dog for at least two hours after that time. Her Boy fixed the fence the following day.



  1. Penny is so cute!
    When I lived in Waco, my dog Bailey found a friend on the other side of our fence. The friend was a golden puppy named Goldie (haha)
    anyways, Bailey dug Goldie a hole and Goldie would drop all her toys over to Bailey. Then Goldie finally worked her way through the hole and they became best friends.
    I love dog stories. haha Have a great weekend!

  2. Too cute. At least Penny stayed in their yard and did not venture through the dogie door!


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