Sunday, May 4, 2008


This past Friday night we went camping with the McElroys. They are very experienced campers, so I spent most of my time downplaying my lack of outdoor adventure prowess.

I did not complain about the spiders. I did not complain about the smoke from the fire (much). And I sure did not complain that I got cold (mostly because Brad let me have his warm sleeping bag, and he took the thin one. I think that's true love right there.)

But I did complain when a cold front came in during the night, and the trees overhead started swaying, and then I started thinking about one of them falling on top of us while we didn't have a roof over our heads, just a tent. And then I thought I heard a wild animal or maybe worse, some weird person breathing. So then Brad got up to check and see what was out there, and the breathing stopped, so then I thought maybe, just maybe, it was just him breathing. It remains a mystery to this day.

But we survived, and I had fun! Here we are on the fancy overlook overlooking a bunch of trees during a Saturday morning wilderness excursion.

(We will not speak of the fact that this particular state park had a WiFi hotspot, and my phone had a full signal, and I carried my Mac since I was on call and checked in the middle of the night because I was scared of a little bit hurricane force wind. Let us not mention it. But I will go on record as saying that my preferred camping setup includes s'mores and WiFi.)

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. WiFi and camping? Why don't we just play baseball with metal bats, or use footballs made of imitation leather? While we're at it, maybe we should ask Van Halen to do an acoustic tour. Is nothing sacred?

  2. wow...that's a camping experience! Blake keeps talking about taking a camping trip. I'll have to request a park with wifi!

  3. You are too funny. I am glad that Brad did not find a wild animal or a dead person (since the breathing stopped) outside the tent! That would have been better than the nude beach story!!

    Glad y'all had fun!

  4. Way to go girl! Look at you being all out doorsy! I'm right there with you-I don't enjoy sleeping in tents either!

  5. man, you must have just thought that we lived in outer space then... no cell phone service here! i enjoyed the story, just a note... don't ever go camping with us... Doug likes to scare people with wild animals.


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