Monday, May 19, 2008

One More Reason to Love the Internet

We bought a new car recently. I have loved everything about it (especially the AC) with one exception--the maker decided to put in a seatbelt alarm for both the driver and passenger side seat belts. I am a huge fan of safety, so under normal circumstances this is no big deal. The only problem is that it goes off within seconds of the car being in drive. (Imagine that!) And sometimes if I have something sitting in the passenger seat, it will "ding ding ding" away until I clear the seat off. So annoying! It finally put me over the edge on the way to church on Sunday. We decided something must be done OR ELSE.

So I pulled out the trusty iPhone and googled "turn off seatbelt alarm toyota." You're not going to believe what happened next. Or maybe you will because you know more about seatbelt alarms than I do.

I was directed to this discussion forum where someone posted how to turn it off.

Check out these steps:

1. Turn the ignition switch on (without starting car)
2. Press the ODO/TRIP switch until the odometer displays "ODO"
3. Turn the ignition switch off
4. Turn the ignition switch on
5. Press ODO/TRIP switch immediately (within 6 seconds after turning the power switch ON) and hold it down for 10 seconds or more.
6. Continue holding the ODO/TRIP switch and fasten the front drivers's side seat belt.
7. Check that the odometer displays either "b-on" or "b-off" (it will be "b-on")
8. Press the ODO/TRIP button to change the display to "b-off".
9. Turn the ignition switch off.
10. Turn the ignition switch on while depressing the brake pedal.
11. Check that no buzzer sounds when setting on the front passenger seat.

My friends on the internet, I am here to testify that these steps actually worked. I am ding ding ding free. This could only come from a generation of people who use video game cheats. Seriously. I wonder what other features I can turn on and off? I now know how to find the 3rd whistle in Mario 3 and turn off the seatbelt chime in my car too.


  1. I've got a few similar things on my Silverado. To reset the Change Oil light: turn the key on, push the accelerator down 3 times, then immediately start the vehicle. The oil light will then blink for 5 seconds and be reset.

  2. Amazing that people have time to figure this stuff out! They have way too much free time on their hands! :) Good news for you though!


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