Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Night

We're in the big city tonight at my parents'. A&M graduation was long as usual, but so fun and of course, it always fills me with Aggie pride to get to sing The Spirit. The keynote speaker was the US Ambassador to South Africa (maybe a little random), but he kept it light and pretty short so they could get on with the show. And by on with the show, I mean so that we could get to Shakes on the way home. I definitely had a chocolate covered strawberry concrete.

Right now we're in the middle of 'No Country For Old Men' where Woody Harrelson shows up. About 2 minutes in, I knew I would not be a fan. Shoot 'em up movies (or any other movies where the suspense is more than "does the guy get the girl," for that matter) are not for me. Brad will attest to my 'The Departed' experience sometime or Hils and "Air Force One."

I'm officially no longer interested, so I'm surfing the net.

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