Friday, May 23, 2008

You Should Try the Biscuits

Holy moly. I think I just tasted the best chicken fried steak in Fort Worth, Texas. I know some of you may think that statement is blasphemy, but you will just have to try it for yourself.

We ate at Chicken Ranch tonight down in the Stockyards. It opened about 6 weeks ago. To be honest, they didn't have a lot of business tonight, but that's why I'm posting this here. You should go.

My parents are in town for the weekend, and we were celebrating Brad's birthday. He picked Chicken Ranch. They don't have an official website but their menu can be found here. All of their food is homemade, including but not limited to handbreaded chicken fried steak, kobe beef hamburgers, melt-your-mouth (we asked for a second round) biscuits with homemade honey butter and blackberry jam. I had the chicken tacos. Muy bueno! Brad and Dad had CFS, and Mom had grilled chicken. De-lish.

Now, it's not a fancy building, and the A/C was having some trouble while we were there, but they raised the doors (garage doors alongside the building), and we were able to hear the live music even better. Oh yes, there is live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The guy even sang HBD to Brad. They have great picnic tables out front to sit in that looked like they would be perfect as the sun goes down.

So if you're in Cowtown and looking for something new, different, and full of personality, go to Chicken Ranch!

Also, they give 10% off to police and firemen and Cook Children's Employees. You'll have to read on the menu WHY they give the discount to Cook Employees. It's a great story. Check it out and tell me about your experience. Or better yet, bring me some biscuits. Or even better, call us and we'll go with you.

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