Monday, April 28, 2008

Seattle: Day 2

It's easy to get an early start on the day over on the west coast. Being ready by 8 still means that you get to sleep in (if you're any-other-timezone-American), which is the key to any vacation.

On this day, we left our hotel at 8-ish and stopped for breakfast at a local establishment, Dave's Diner. After some slow but very friendly service and regrets that I didn't order pancakes (always order the pancakes, Emily!), we decided that we should set out for Mount Rainier National Park. It's about 2 hours from Seattle. Our drive took us out through Tacoma and Puyallup (which we decided to pronounce Pull Y'all Up). It was beautiful. I don't have much any mountain experience, but this made me want to make some future vacation plans. Considering that God formed this beautiful and huge landsculpture, what a testament to how much bigger our God must be. Amazing.

Here's the fam at the entrance to the park.

We drove quite a ways up into the mountain and got out at the visitor's center. There is a lovely little lodge called Paradise Inn inside the park so we drove through there as well. This is sad, but that's probably the most snow I've ever seen. What can I say--I love the beach.

Brad and me at an overlook

When I started wondering aloud how much property costs in the area, my dear husband reminded me that the weather we were experiencing (high 60s-low 70s and lots of sun) was not the norm for this part of the country. And since I complain that my feet are cold in the high 70s, perhaps this is not the proper retirement location for me.

After taking in the soaring vistas and beautiful valleys along with some pretty little waterfalls, we headed back to Seattle to walk through the Capitol Hill area for a while. There are quite a few local coffee places, American Apparel, Urban, and other stores of that nature. Drew wanted to check out Sonicboom Records and Easy Street. Very cool to browse through.

We ended the evening with pizza at Zeek's down near Pike Place before turning in our rental car. And that is the end of Day 2.

Here's a peek at Mt. Rainier from a Boeing 737.

We got back yesterday afternoon. I have since been climbing a mountain of laundry, and tonight's activity is the yard. We are expecting a love note from our HOA any day now about how we should have mowed our lawn a week ago since it's all of 3 inches tall. (Can you tell I am a fan of the HOA?) I'll keep you posted.

(Clarification: When I say tonight's activity is the yard, that is code for "I will watch Brad do the yard while giving words of affirmation." Way to go Brad!)

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  1. Emily you should try mowing. It's like exercise!! ha ha! That's how I veiw it! Although I have thoroughly enjoyed giving that duty over to Justin since we've been married. I even got him to mow my the lawn ONE time when I lived in my sisters' house. He did not offer again b/c the back yard was a beast. But I was diligent and mowed it all by myself for 2 1/2 years! YAY me!! :P

    Your trip sounds like a ton of fun! Glad y'all enjoyed yourself!


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