Monday, April 21, 2008

Recent Reading: The Constant Princess

I read another Philippa Gregory book a couple of weekends ago--The Constant Princess. It was an interesting read from the perspective of Catalina, Princess of Spain who became Queen Katherine of England before she was replaced by Anne Boleyn. Beware of spoilers in this post if you're not familiar with the story.

Gregory portrays her as a great lady who was tenacious, courageous, and dignified in her defeat. Of course this is historical fiction, but it gave me insight into her mind as her character was written in The Other Boleyn Girl. Also, I loved the great love story between her and her first husband, Arthur, Prince of Wales. Who doesn't like a good love story?

Speaking of the other book, has anyone seen the movie? I've heard mixed reviews, so it's made me a little wary of going to see it (especially since I really want to see 21.)


  1. Do you read the whole book in a weekend? Are they too good to put down?


  2. I've been reading them in one weekend, mostly because I can't put them down. After a while, I just have to know what happens to the character to the point where I have been known to take a peak at the end of the book. So I like to finish them!

  3. i do love those books!

    my vote on the movie is wait a minute and netflix it. it's good, but not good enough to skip a movie you really, really want to see. =)


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