Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring at Our House

Last weekend we (by that I mean Brad) completed a spring yard beautification project. I was mostly project manager/consultant because in general I don't enjoy nature or its dirt. I excel in bringing out refreshments, though.

We have some new plants, green grass, and a weedless flower bed. And we discovered we have some really pretty pink bushes, so that was great. I am trying to remember what I did with all the tags we took off of our plants last summer, so we can identify what we are growing. I think I figured out that the light pink flowering bushes are Indian Hawthornes. I think they are my favorites.

I went to lunch that Saturday with a friend and her little sidekick, and when I came back, my brother (who had spent the night) was weeding the flower bed. After remembering the Christmas light event, I am worried he'll think he's only welcome if he's working as the assistant handy man. But I think boys just like playing in the dirt no matter what age.

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