Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home Improvements

It wouldn't be a weekend without anything in particular to do unless we had a spring home improvement project. And again, Drew just so happened to be visiting. In review, Drew has visited on weekends that we hung Christmas lights, weeded our flower bed, and now, decked the attic. Now I know why people have children--it's nice to have another set of hands around. Brad had this project completely under control though, so we were just spectators. I will be so thankful when my garage is purged of Christmas decor and other random sentimental stuff that our parents have dropped off since we bought our home. Is anyone else familiar with that phenomenon? You buy a house and now all your dance recital costumes, letter jackets, boy scout memorabilia, etc. is suddenly being delivered to your front door, courtesy of United Parental Services. It's fun to dig through it all though.

We've had a productive day. The laundry is finished, the front porch has been swept, the blog has undergone a makeover, the house is picked up, and I even cooked breakfast this morning. This evening we had dinner with our friends Kylene and Justin at one of our favorites, Joe T. Garcia's. It's been a beautiful spring Saturday!


  1. wow, so are you hiring out your brother and husband for weekend projects yet, or are they just that sweet for you? cause i sure have some stuff i need to do around here! maybe i just need a babysitter...

  2. I have definitely received boxes via the United Parental Service!! I'm just not as good as you to have actually gone through them. That's a summer project (hopefully)! Luckily, Justin's mom has not purged her closets or we'd be in a heap of trouble!

    Dinner was great at the "famous" Joe T's! We had a great time catching up with y'all. We need to do it again soon!

    :) Kylene

  3. Wow! You guys have been so productive. I love your new page!

  4. You changed your page! How cute. I did see the movie 21. I thought it was ok. It was really slow to me. I do plan on watching some movies this summer, if I can fit it in with my Anatomy and Pharmacology class. Take care! Love ya, Hils


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