Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday: In Search of Mom Shorts

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I'm linking up with April, Christina, and Natasha, again today for another Five on Friday.

Somewhere around the time I turned 30 and had children, the shorts I wore in my 20s all of sudden became gauche for the stage of life I'm in. One day they were totally respectable and modest, and the next day they were too short. Somewhere in there, I had two kids and just bought some simple basics to get me through that time period. I was either working or a few months post-partum and didn't give it much thought.

Last summer's shorts don't fit, all for good reasons. Now here I am, figuring this out: in search of mom shorts.

And actually, all of these shorts I picked out today are just great modest length shorts. If you're not a mom, don't run away.

Lightweight Bermuda Short

These seem incredibly long on the model, however, I do have a pair of them from pre-children. They were perfect for work events where a casual dress was too dressy, capris too granny, and a shorter in-seam was out of the question. They are truly light weight, and that's a bonus for the Texas heat that I'm praying comes SOON. This is such a happy color.

Boyfriend Roll Up

I lived in these the last two summers, but my pairs are all too big. (Yay!) The nice thing about these is that they are loose to begin with, so you most likely can size down. Who doesn't love some good vanity sizing? They come in a bunch of colors, plus they go through the washer and dryer well.

Boyfriend Roll Up Stripe

This is the same short, with stripes drawn across it and $5 more. Definitely cute if I decide I can handle stripes across the backside. That's where I will have to consult my mom. She'll give it to me straight.

Floral Knit Shorts

These are a little shorter, but I thought they were so cute, and KNIT! They sound so comfy. Very lightweight. I can imagine these would be good on days where we play outside a lot.

5" Chino Short
(25% off with code: WARM)

I bought two pairs of these last summer before going to church camp with our students because I thought they were a good length. And they were, but they shrink a bit, so buyer beware. Lightweight, great price point, many color options.

Nike Tempo Track Short

A little bonus to my five, for my mommy friends who like to spend their summer days in these Nike Tempos. Who wouldn't? They dry quickly when someone spills bubbles all over you (again). This site has great prices on them!


  1. Your title made me giggle! I love those floral knit shorts

  2. Confession: The maternity shorts I wore last summer were the first I had put on (except for running shorts) in at least five years. I have not been able to hit on an acceptable length between, as you said, "granny" and too short (whatever that is). Here's hoping this is the summer I finally figure it out!

  3. I love those boyfriend shorts! Super cute!

  4. Love all of J.Crew's chino shorts!!

  5. Hi :) here from the linkup - I'm loving the chino's and the boyfriend roll up, they're both so cute!! Have a great weekend!


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