Monday, March 3, 2014

Mama Monday: The First Birthday

Our sweet daughter turned one last Friday. Her party on Saturday was the culmination of a two week sprint of celebrating birthdays, since our son turned 3 just two days before her birthday. As the chief celebration officer of our family, I am tired.

Of course, it was worth it.

Her party day was blessed with beautiful, blooming spring weather, as gorgeous as the blessing she is to our family.

We did a "sunshine" theme, although I didn't expand on it as much as I could have. It was a wonderful celebration, regardless. Pink and yellow were mostly what I went with. The menu was chicken salad sandwiches on split croissants, party sandwiches, cookies, fruit, chips and salsa, and of course, the main event -- birthday cake!

I love this picture. You can see my Pop, Annabelle's great-grandfather, in the mirror of the jewelry box. When he came in and hugged my neck, he said, "This party looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens!" I love him so much, and that is simply classic Pop. (And that was a very generous compliment!)

My parents gave her that jewelry box, which went well with our gift to her. We started her a James Avery charm bracelet with the birthday cake charm. She won't wear it for a while, but we thought it was perfect for this milestone.


  1. Precious! I love it all. Perfect theme for your ray of sunshine and it really was the perfect day! Gorgeous weather dialed up just for miss Annabelle. I love your garland? Banner? Swag? What shall I call it? It's gorgeous and so fun!! And that photo of you and Annabelle as she opened her jewelry box....perfect. What a special day!

  2. What a great first birthday party!!! I love your theme, too. Such sweet memories!

  3. Love it! I am in full on planning mode since Averie's 1st bday is just a month away. I cry every time I think about it.

  4. Such a pretty and fun party for a cute 1 year old! I love all of your decor choices, and her giant monogram on that cake is perfection!


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