Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekending: Nothing and everything to do.

Note: I completely forgot to add on my Mother's Day weekend post that the picture of my sweet boy and me was taken by the lovely Jenni. Please forgive me!

I know I'm getting older since I'm beginning to understand why my parents didn't always want to "go somewhere" on the weekends when I was younger and wanted to be anywhere but home. It's finally become enough for me to just be and enjoy the home that my husband and I have made and to enjoy being with my little family. I don't need the mall; I don't need an exotic locale. I just need time to spend with the people I hold dearest.

That being said, this past weekend was filled with exactly that: time to spend with my boys. No planned activities except for church on Sunday. We filled the weekend with snowcones, ice cream, eating at home, date night, and fluffing our happy little domicile. And I finally got that quiche I missed out on Mother's Day. Bonus.

First up, date night. It has been a joke of ours that each parents' night out, we end up spending the last 45 minutes in Target, usually shopping for our child. Friday night, we broke with tradition and ended up in Dillard's of all places, doing a little shopping for Mr. G's birthday. While he browsed, I tried on hats. I love hats and have quite a few at home, and I wear them exactly never.

Next came Saturday, where we filled up the baby pool and let the little man splash around. He loved it, of course. We slept until 8:30 that morning. Glory hallelujah, Amen.

I do believe summer days are officially here.


  1. Hats are the best! Maybe they will come back in style at Travis. ;)

    1. This sounds like a fabulous Ladies' Fall or Spring Luncheon idea. We need to make this happen.

      I would wear one every Sunday though too, but I think we should also accept fascinators. I am a huge fan of The Duchess.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a Mother's Day myself. :)

    2. Nice! Those are very often among the best ones! Mine this year was a Vera Bradley duffle. =)

  3. Those are fun hats!! :)

    And yes, I have that EXACT same wooden flower pot and yellow flowers as is in the background of the baby pool picture. Ha!


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