Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A First Time for Everything: Mrs. Gentry hits the links

Yesterday my ball, glove, and yes, even shorts matched my golf bag.

I have no shame in my pink golf game.

I think I've chronicled on here enough that my husband loves to golf enough that you get it. But yesterday I carried my own clubs out for the very first time to participate in a golf scramble with the folks at my office out at Bear Creek. All for charity, of course.

The funny thing about it is that I've had my very own set of golf clubs since Mr. G and I married. As a good wife who wanted to spend quality time with her husband, I had decided I wanted to become proficient in the game back in 2005. We hit the driving range several times. I even got a super fancy hot pink Titleist bag for my birthday that year to carry my $50 "Classic Lady" garage sale clubs.

Those clubs served me very well. Them, and also this fancy one called a "hybrid" Mr. G let me borrow that in all honestly was probably worth more than the rest of my equipment combined. As I left, he instructed me to NOT lose that club. We even played my ball a few times. (In a scramble, everyone hits, and whoever has the best shot--you use that ball.) But to be most fair, the 3 gentlemen on my Team were very nice throughout the 5 hour round. And we've worked together for 10 years (ten years!!!), so it's almost like family.

It was fun enough that I admit I would repeat it sometime, that is, if I can ever lift my arms again. Oh, and a girl will need shoes, of course.

I think Mr. Gentry might even be a little impressed.


  1. I really need to learn to husband loves it, and I started to learn a long time ago but then stopped. Need to get back on that train!

    1. That's what happened to me. I just got out there and tried and was so surprised at how much fun I had!

      I'm trying to convince him to let me play in the next church golf scramble with him. Probably not happening. :)

  2. I keep saying I'm going to take up gold and tennis just because their clothes are so cute! My husband loves to golf and we go to the driving range sometimes but I'm afreaid he wouldn't be very patient with me actually going from drive to putt. Ha!

    1. Mr. G has mentioned women slowing down the game sometimes, so I think as long as you are prepared to just say "ok, enough" and move on the next hole, it's all good!

      And the clothes are so cute. I have to admit, I was sartorially unprepared for this tournament. Next year I will do better.


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