Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I have more pictures of myself with my mouth open since this kid came along. This is us saying, "Yay!"

I've had an exhausting mother's day weekend! We saw my in-laws, my parents plus much of my extended family, and spent today catching up around the house. And I learned a lesson about Mother's Day in Fort Worth, Texas. If you want quiche (and what mother does not want a little quiche on Mother's Day?) then you must make a reservation like, two weeks before the day.

That being said, I will be eating quiche next weekend instead.

But for Mother's Day lunch I had Joe T. Garcia's so I really have no room to complain, since it's my favorite.

(Although I did anyway, didn't I?)

I signed up for worship care in the nursery for Mother's Day about a month ago. So after Sunday school I headed down to play with Jack's class. No better way to spend this day in my book than loving on my boy. We had a good morning. He is in the stage where he can't get enough of me right now, and I love that.

I stand by my comments from a year ago, that being a mother is even better than I thought it would be. It is truly a blessing from the Lord. I love, love, love being Jack's mama. And he loves eating my guacamole. Next time, we're ordering double.

Pre-Church, Post-Donuts.

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  1. Kiss that sweet, sweet boy for his Sugar!


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