Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weeks 36-38

Well, I believe now we're in what is considered the home stretch. I've got my bag packed to the point where all I need to do is throw in my hot rollers, makeup, and Sonicare (because I don't travel anywhere without it) and hit the road when the time comes. I can't tell if Jack has dropped any, but I have had a sudden change in appetite--as in I am hungry all.the.time.

Over the past couple of weeks we've been iced in (perfect for working in yoga pants), my office gave me a wonderful baby shower, watched the Super Bowl that took place just right down the road, finished up Jack's room, and had our last babysitter-free Valentine's date.

I had my first check at the doctor (can I just say OUCH) and had progressed a little bit--as in the little bit that could linger for weeks. I go back tomorrow to see her associate just in case she's the oncall when I go into labor, but I won't have another progress report until the following week (39 weeks.)

As for me, I am as uncomfortable as the next very pregnant girl and find myself having to fight to smile when I am up and moving around. I know many other people have had harder pregnancies than I have. I've been incredibly blessed. But as I told my husband earlier today--I am at the end of me. I am exactly where God wants me, and He'll sustain me through the next few weeks as He ushers me into motherhood. Oh that it would come quickly, Lord!

My Grannie has consulted the Farmer's Almanac and from my understanding, the next boy moon is this Friday, February 18th. Clearly he will be born by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

Room pics coming soon, but until then, here's another from our shoot with the lovely Hailey of Hailey Erickson Photography.

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