Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you're picky and you know it, clap your hands.

One of the many things I felt like we'd use a lot for this baby is a rocking chair. Most popular right now are the really fluffy upholstered chairs to match the nursery and gliders. The upholstered chair really wasn't practical for me because once I am done with it in Jack's room (and the room(s?) of future Gentry progeny), I don't have a place for it.

Plus, let's be real. I knew exactly what I wanted, and it wasn't either of those. I wanted an antique windsor-back rocking chair that had been passed down through generations of mothers rocking their babies in my family, specifically in a dark stain. Can't you just see me, rocking my sweet little love to sleep, 3 weeks post-partum and back to my pre-pregnancy size?

{A girl can dream, so please don't interrupt my reverie...}

Not only do I know it will probably take me more than 3 weeks (if ever) to get back to pre-Jack size, my family doesn't have the aforementioned generational rocker. So I did the next best thing--I got online and googled it.

Jack's grandparents (B's parents) graciously gifted us with precisely the chair that I was hoping for. I found an Amish furniture maker online, so it is a new piece, handmade in Delaware and is really beautiful and classic. It goes perfectly in the living room of our home, and I'm hoping that one day it will be an heirloom for our children to pass down.

When I sent my mom a pic of it she told me that my great-grandmother had one just like it, but her uncle had sold it in an estate sale after Grandmother passed away. I didn't know her, but apparently she had good taste.


  1. I love it! Very traditional and so sweet! However, when you or brad have sat in it for hours, let me know how well it "works". Sadly, steve and I spent many hours in our chair.

  2. I getcha! The plan is to buy (or sew if I can't find what I want) a pillow or cushion. Maybe it's just pregnancy right now, but the harder the chair, the more comfy I am!

  3. Love it, we also went practical, learning from Simon...for Drew we used a rocker that's still in our living room...it's not nearly as fashionable as yours...it's just a big brown lazy boy! But I totally get your drift....after we were done rocking Simon in the chair that ONLY matched the nursery, we were like...yeah that wasn't really efficient. Anyway, it's so you...I can see you & Jack rocking away...AND I don't know if it creaks yet but it will someday, which will be quite soothing to tiny ears, you know!!! They love repetitious noises!!!

  4. Great chair! But I agree, you might want a cushion for it! That preference for hard chairs will most likely go away after childbirth (especially right after!). Hope you are doing well, we'll be thinking about you the next couple of weeks!


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