Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Days

So while the world was iced in, I was working from home. It's very interesting for me to work from home while my husband is home, but on vacation days. One thing the ice has done is disprove our theory that we never have any food in our pantry. It's amazing all the ingredients for meals I have available at any given time. I just rarely have time to to plan them out. My quick commute this week made that easy!

At one point B was bored enough that he started assembling baby items.
He's a good one, that Brad.

In a moment of desperation when we ran out of Little Debbie Valentine cakes (my faves), I found a strawberry cake mix in the pantry. I added some homemade buttercream frosting and valentine sprinkles (that I randomly had on hand) and voila, we had something sweet to eat. That was dessert Thursday night when we had our neighbors over for supper. And yes, that is some crazy fluorescent pink frosting. I got a little excited with the pink gel food coloring.

That picture is hurting my eyes. Scroll quickly.

Friday at lunch, we took a quick break to play in the snow!

Just a few more weeks until Jack makes his debut!


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