Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 35

This week Jack got bigger, therefore I got bigger. I started packing his hospital bag at 1 am one night because I couldn't sleep. It's just about ready and filled with some blankets to come home with, a couple of sleepers for the hospital just in case, his coming home duds and shoes, and finger nail clippers as I've been advised by many that the hospital doesn't always provide those. Maybe it's a liability thing? That doesn't seem right since they--you know--do SURGERY there. I intend to get to the bottom of this.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were thrown a wonderful baby shower, so I've been unpacking some things, organizing, and washing some of the 0-3 month stuff. The first little load of tiny laundry I did was sooo precious. Just made my heart melt.

I can't wait to hold my little boy.

Photo by the super fabulous Hailey Erickson.


  1. Here's the inside scoop on the clippers (from an L&D nurse). They won't let us use clippers on the babies because of... you got it, liability. We have to advise parents to use an emory board instead so that you won't cut the baby.

    Ok, can I just tell you that this picture is the CUTEST thing that I have EVER seen?!?! So. Stinking. Adorable.

    Can't wait to meet Jack!

  2. Thank you! You are too sweet. And, thanks for clearing up the nail clipper thing. I think it's fascinating that hospitals that perform open heart surgery, brain tumor excision, c-sections, etc. are worried about the liability of clipping baby nails. Oh well!


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