Thursday, September 25, 2008

Texas on My Mind

I'm sitting here in my hotel room getting ready to fly home to Texas tomorrow night. I have to be honest--I'm missing a tall, dark, and handsome fella. No place is quite as much fun without him. But of course, I still had a little fun!

Tonight's adventure took us to Ghirardelli Square, as in the chocolate maker. YUM. After walking around this area a bit, seeing where the trolley cars begin their route (that will be saved for another trip west with my man), and checking out the beautiful view around the bay, we ate at McCormick & Kuleto's, part of the McCormick & Schmick's group. Wow. The main dining room had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the bay where I observed the most beautiful sunset and watched the city lights spring to life. It was a fine evening.

I found the most odd/interesting fact about San Francisco printed along the bottom of my menu this evening. Apparently, the city has passed its own universal health care plan for uninsured residents (I looked it up--it started in '06), and they fund it by adding an additional 3.5% tax onto your bill. I have my own opinions about universal health care, but I like to keep it light and fluffy on the blog, so my comment is this--it speaks volumes about the political climate and mindset of this city, doesn't it?

Onto the good stuff. Here is the bonus for being the Gentry in Texas--an 'I Missed You' souvenir! I channelled my missing Bradley into shopping for him. I hope chocolate does the trick.


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