Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baptists, Children, and the Arky

I must pause for a moment to address a concern circulated to me via e-mail regarding an earlier blog post about Baptist children and gratuitous dancing and gyrating.

When I found that video on YouTube, I noticed that they were almost--to borrow a phrase from back when Pluto was a planet--"gettin' jiggy with it"--however I assure you, Readers, in my Baptist church the "motions" (not dancing) were very watered down from this. My own mother simply would not have had it any other way.

Any foreign Baptist missionaries disturbed by the state of Baptist children in Texas in the 80s should rest assured there was no baptecostal movement among kids in the Lone Star State.

I do feel the need to inform my readers though, that some of the great kiddie songs you know like the "Arky, Arky" song, Seek Ye First, In His Time, etc. were made popular by the Psalty musicals. Embrace the Singing Songbook, folks.

And to clarify, the "Arky, Arky" song was not written about Arkansas.

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