Monday, December 8, 2014


Our weekend was filled with Christmas fun!

Friday night, all four of us headed up to the church to help with the annual Christmas Store. To help give children in the surrounding community a joy-filled Christmas, our church sets up a store for their parents to come and shop. The toys are a gift from our church family. While the parents are shopping, our middle and high school students (with adult supervision, of course) do fun activities with their kiddos. It's such a fun night--you can't help but leave with an abundance of Christmas cheer!

After that, we headed to Ol' South Pancake House with the students. It was a late night, but that didn't stop our kids from waking up at 7:15 am like they do every single morning. Good times. And great naps, later that afternoon. I had a Christmas luncheon on Saturday for a "new mom" ministry I'm involved in. Not only was it at my favorite tea room, but I also splurged and had peppermint chocolate chunk cheesecake. Merry Pure Barre to me.

That evening, Jack and I headed out to find Annabelle's Christmas present from him. He has decided on his own, that since sister pink puffy hearts Elsa, he wants her to have an Elsa doll. A singing Elsa doll, to be exact. (Sister sings it non-stop, so now she'll be able to duet.) We only visited Toys R Us, and their shelves were totally empty. If we strike out at Target tonight, he may be getting his first lesson in online shopping tomorrow.

Sunday was church in the morning, then back in the evening for the choir's beautiful Christmas performance. This year the special guest performer was Jodi McBrayer formerly of the Christian group, Avalon. Jack went in with us and did great! Any wiggles were calmed down with a few marshmallows I packed in my bag for such a time as this.

Here's my current view from the couch where I'm blogging this afternoon. I finally got something up on the mantle Sunday afternoon. Simple, easy, twinkle lights, done.

I hope you have a great week!


  1. Ohhhhh I miss Ol South Pancake House!!! Yum!

  2. Love your mantle! May I ask where your lighted greenery is from? It is the perfect size! So cozy & bright.


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