Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Holiday

Last week, the kids and I set out for Corsicana on Tuesday after naps. Mr. G was working Wednesday, and we were planning to take two cars anyway because we had that much stuff between his hunting gear and Jack's 4-wheeler. I hadn't been home in a while, so it was nice to grab a little extra time with my grandparents before the chaos of the holiday hit.

Pretty much all we did from Tuesday evening to Saturday was hang out and eat. Wednesday we headed to downtown for lunch and little shopping. It's really picturesque, and we stopped in the pocket park for a picture. The pocket park is a break in the buildings that was created after a fire ruined a store there. The city has created a really neat spot for all sorts of events: Santa pics, choir performances, you name it. I couldn't get the kids to look at the camera, but they were being so sweet to one another.

Thursday was a huge food fest. We were missing one person from my mom's side of the family. My cousin was working, and I was missing him because he's getting married this summer. I wanted to pump him for info. I'm excited for the wedding but also excited for another girl in the family! Until I was 20, I was the only granddaughter on that side.

The kids didn't nap that day, which was so crazy. Annabelle finally passed out in my arms around 5. Celebration, indeed. I couldn't believe it when they went to bed late after no naps and woke up at the exact same time as they always do. Friday included an extended nap.

The rest of the weekend, Mr. G woke up at 4 AM to duck hunt, and the kids and I stayed back at my parents in our pajamas as long as we could. Any black Friday shopping I did happened from the couch. Saturday was a special celebration for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, so I'll post about that later this week.

It was a great weekend in my hometown, and I was thankful to see so much of my family.

I hope you were well and had safe holiday travels this past week!

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