Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm here. Somewhere.

My sweet, pensive boy on his 2nd 4th of July. He loved the fireworks.

One would think that having a mid-week holiday would mean that I was completely rested and on top of things all last week. One would be absolutely wrong. I'm not sure exactly where or which day I got behind on (possibly Monday) and even an extra day off for Independence Day didn't help. In fact, I even took Friday off to try and get caught up. (That's code for I cleaned my house. I perform all my own stunts around here. I'm talking squeaky scrubbed-with-a-toothbrush showers for all.)

Some of my running around was for a wedding shower in my home last Saturday. It was absolutely lovely due to the fantastic help of the ladies in my church. So after that, plus a 3 hour nap (!!!) on Saturday, I spent most of Sunday getting myself back in line. Discipline! That's what I need. Laundry done, fancy serving pieces back in their places, and my hidden junk back in plain view where I can't forget about it. And catching up on Bible study and blogging.

I'm thankful that God's mercies are new every morning. Today marks a fresh start to the week. Here's hoping your Monday rings fresh and new as well.


  1. Those mid-week holidays can be so confusing! Hope this week goes more smoothly. :)

    1. I am still having the hardest time getting back in the groove of things. I may never catch back up!


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