Monday, October 3, 2011


Jack says, "I can't stand First Monday Weekend."

Friday we had new tile installed in our kitchen, breakfast, and laundry area, so while B hung out at home, Jack and I escaped to Canton. To readers not familiar with East Texas life, the weekend of the first Monday of the month, the small town of Canton, Texas is filled with all kinds of vendors: vintage, antiques, junk, and mass-produced decor purchased from market. It's a great place to go to decorate your home, and they especially have fun holiday decor.

I've discovered that while Canton may not be the best place for babies, his stroller is perfect for hauling all my stuff and has a much better turning radius than the carts everyone uses to carry their purchases. So there's that.

We spent the rest of the weekend putting our house back in order. I sent this tweet once I got home and surveyed my kitchen stuff redeposited all over the house. Everything was shoved into the living room and study, and since we don't have a tv in our bedroom (by choice,) we ended up eating pizza and watching hulu in our bedroom floor Friday night.

Speaking of hulu, my word there are so many tv series that I like this season! I haven't watched this much tv in years. So ridiculous. We're watching Castle, Pan Am, Person of Interest, Parks and Rec, The Office, Two Broke Girls, The New Girl, How I Met Your Mother.... Seriously, too much.

The rest of the weekend was housekeeping. Hair appt, laundry (once all my appliances were hooked back up), church, and spending time with the boys I love. Oh, and of course, hand scrubbing the new tile so that at some point it will be acceptable to let Jack crawl on it.

I am so my mother's daughter.

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  1. Your Jack looks as happy as mine does when forced to be in a stroller. At least the strollers come in handy as shopping devices if not happy-baby-carrying ones.

    Glad y'all had a good weekend.


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