Monday, October 17, 2011

A Few of Baby's Firsts

We were having such a wonderful weekend until the little guy came down with something and started running his very first fever Sunday morning. Poor little pumpkin! It kept him and me home from church yesterday and is keeping me home today. I have never seen my happy boy so sad. Breaks a mama's heart.

Speaking of pumpkins, Saturday we carried him to his very first pumpkin patch. As a matter of fact, I believe it was my very first pumpkin patch as well. We went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch, which had inexpensive admission, all activities for children included, AND...Fletcher's Corny Dogs and Funnel Cakes as well as Texas Roadhouse. So we got our fair food in without actually having to deal with the fair. Success.

The turn out was so huge that in subsequent years I will probably do this on a week day. Jack wanted to look anywhere but the camera, but who could blame him. The patch was ripe for people watching, with children and parents everywhere.

Here are a few pics where he was looking in the general direction of the camera:

My sweet, sweet little guy.

Who's big idea was this?

Mom and the J-Bird

I guess this is going in reverse order, but Friday night B and I were able to get away for a short date night. We ended up down in Sundance Square for supper while the boy stayed for the first time with my in-laws. It's funny. Before we had a child, we always said we would make time for date nights once we did have one, but in reality once we've worked all week, we're tired and missing our boy so it's much easier to stay home. It's good for us to steal away some though, and Friday night was refreshing for both of us.

How do you and your spouse set aside time for one another? Scheduled dates? Once a year getaway?

I hope you and yours are well, and that you enjoyed the beautiful fall weekend!


  1. LOVE the scowly wagon picture! =)

    We have weekly date nights every single weekend we're both here. If we're just too exhausted to get out of the house, we pick up some fancy cheese and crackers and turn off all the gadgets and just hang out. And every time he goes away for a really long time, we take a week and go somewhere vastly different from wherever he's just been. It's like booster shots to a marriage - to remember that although we LOVE our children, our relationship is the center of our family. When they grow up and (go to college and) get married, then their own marriage can be the center - for now, it's ours.

  2. Fletcher's corny dogs without the fair sounds like a perfect fall outing to me. And those photos of you two are too adorable.

    We're pretty strict here about getting in our date nights, though not as much as we thought we'd be before we had our boy. Funny enough, we both come from families that never, ever did this, but it's something we try to do at least 1-2 times a month.

  3. That frowny pic in the wagon is going in a senior slide show someday. :)


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