Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seven Months!

Seven months is getting away from me!

It goes without saying that we just love, love, love this boy. He is cracking me up so much these days. My dad made the discovery this past weekend that if you hold any iPhone up in front of him, he will smile. Even one of our distant family members (who he did not know) held her phone up, and that kiddo of mine flashed his big gummy grin. Perhaps his mama takes too many pics? Is that even possible?

Speaking of gummy grins, there are no teeth yet although he is really working his gums. I'm expecting one any day now. He was 20 lbs 1 oz at his last doctor appointment, and crawling is imminent. Last weekend he was a little mama-clingy (kinda flattering, ok very flattering), but I'm fairly certain it was because we were in different territory around so many new faces. His favorite toy these days is a ball with holes that he can put his fingers in and throw. Typical boy.


  1. I'm thinking that "ball" is the baby einstein ball (maybe). Julie Ann LOVES that ball. We must get these 2 cuties together one day. I think they will be fond of each other.

  2. Oh my WORD he's stinking CUTE!!!!


  3. the belly. is. killing me.

    LOVE it!!!!

  4. He is SUCH a cutie. Love the maroon polo ;)


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