Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working (New) Mom Survival Kit

Working (New) Mom Survival Kit

The working new mother is fueled by caffeine,
prepared for any dark circles or unsightly lines,
and running in flats. Of course, she is never
without digital portraits of her tiny tot.

Or her lipstick.

Bobbi Brown eye brightener, Goody Spin Pins, MAC hot tahiti,
Spanx, Tazo Awake tea, MAC Splashproof Mascara,
Kate Spade daycation medium leila,
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Abira flats

All of these items are perfect for the mom about the conference room, as well as the mom about the playgroup. I've mentioned how much I love Goody Spin pins before. Bobbi Brown's tinted eye brightener is a fabulous quick fix before that all important meeting where you do not need the answer to the "is your baby sleeping through the night" question written all over your face. Of course, leopard print is abundant for fall, and a flat is polished but perfect for the afternoon car sprint to reach the wee one as quickly as possible post-workday. And dear ladies, I must admit with a color called "Hot Tahiti" on my lips, I am feeling on my game.

{I'll let the Spanx speak for themselves.}

I've spilled my shortcuts. What delightful tools are hiding in your mommy survival kit?


  1. Ohhhh love this! I have many of the same items in my survival kit! Must try the BB eye brightener. Oh and Spanx? Saved my life!!! I can't live without my Nars the multiple sticks. I have one in the color that starts with an O (for quick color on cheeks and lips) and in Copacabana (for highlighting). Love.

  2. "The color that starts with an O." Bahahaha!!!

  3. Yeah, I thought I'd save the googling weirdos from coming over here. Ha!

    And I have been wanting to do some polyvore-ing. I am going to do it. If I can figure it out. ;)


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