Monday, August 15, 2011

Fridays with Jack

Our jobs allow my husband and I to have every other Friday off. Before J was born, we had Fridays off together, but now that we have his sweet self, we stagger them. This past Friday was my Friday with Jack.

We loooove to get out and about and basically not stay home. By lunchtime, one of us had napped, the other had picked up in the house, and we were both ready to go somewhere. The mall was just too cliche. I decided our destination for the day would be the Kimbell Art Museum, one of the many wonderful museums in our town that I have not visited. We have so many fine arts opportunities, and slowly but surely I am trying to acquaint myself with them.

We loaded up and headed to the cultural district. By the time we were there it was well after lunch, so I decided to stop at the museum restaurant. I guess it was a little lunch date with my smiley boy who bestowed his favor to everyone who came our way. He was the only baby in the museum, so I guess I am either brave or dumb. Anyway! His behavior was impeccable and behooves a great future as a purveyor of fine arts. Right?

After touring the Picasso and Braque exhibit (which I believe those who are art history deficient such as myself would find worthwhile,) we meandered through the Kimbell's permanent exhibit. (By this time, my boy had leaned back and gone to sleep.) It is beautiful, and the architecture of the museum's soaring corridors make it beautiful to behold. Just a gem in our fair city. A gem, I say!

The rest of the weekend low key too. We met friends for dinner on Friday evening at Pop's, a place that won the best burger in town by After that, the girls snuck off to see The Help, which was great. Saturday we slept in (exhibit A: baby in jimjams above circa noon) and spent the day preparing for church the next day. Promotion Sunday! New senior girls for my class, which is so exciting. They are a group I had two years ago as sophomores, and they are precious.

I hope you had just a wonderful weekend yourselves!

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  1. Oh my word....CUTE as can be!!

    Email me and I'll send you some NYC suggestions!! I have FABULOUS brunch options for you. :)


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