Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day

before church Sunday morning
{whoa mama's big hair}

This Sunday was not just my first mother's day.
It was also Jack's baby dedication!
{hair a little smaller by this point, whew}

What a great responsibility to raise our son in such a way that some day he will choose to follow Christ. He will see our every move--and take note of it! Brad and I both pray so much for wisdom in raising the J-Bird. Our pastor gives each baby a letter for them to open on the day of their baptism after they make their decision to follow Christ. How I pray for that day!

Both of our immediate families were in town for the occasion, which was nice, but a bit hectic! We headed to Joe T. Garcia's for lunch (because I picked!) and then back to the house for pound cake and a little more playing with Jack for the grandmothers.

I teared up when I put Jack to bed that night. He is an incredible answer to so many of my prayers.

I will always remember this first mother's day.


  1. What a beautiful and special day.

    We had pound cake at our celebration, too :)

  2. Pound cake just seems like the right thing to do!


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