Monday, May 23, 2011

Maternity Leave Farewell Tour

Last week was my last full week of maternity leave, so I decided to take full advantage of it. We had lunch plans every day with friends and family. It was a fun week off with my sweet boy.

Lunch at Zodiac with Auntie Ish!

Shopping with Momma.

One day we hosted a luncheon for several of the new moms on our street. (We have a baby boom on our street--five new babies.) We met my brother and Brad for lunch on different days, along with a little shopping. Friday, we lunched at Tillman's with Auntie Ish again while her sweet parents were in town, then later that night the J-Bird chilled with his friends during his first childcare night at the church, and we headed out for a dinner date.

This week I'm still off until Thursday (hello, short week back then a 3 day weekend) so I'm spending these last 3 days sitting at home, playing with my baby and putting my working mom survival kit together. I'm blessed to have wonderful support as I transition into the role of working mom. One thing's for sure--I won't be bored.

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