Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Cutest thing evaaa..."

One of the girls in my Sunday school class sent me this video of an awesome marriage proposal (The title of this post was her comment about the video. It's so fun to minister to high school girls!)

We were talking over coffee (or tea, in my case) this past week and the subject of proposals (and in particular, this one) came up. I remembered reading an article recently that something like 80% of women are disappointed in the manner in which their husbands/fiances proposed. I wish I could find the article. Now, I must note here that I think my husband knocked it out of the park with his proposal, however I think it's a sad state when that many women would admit that they didn't like how the proposal went. In my book that ranks right up there with looking at the shiny diamond your gentleman worked to give his fair lady and saying, "I expected something a little bigger."

Have we been ruined by romantic movies?

{But I think this is an awesome proposal, BTW.}


  1. I thought it was an awesome proposal... but then he really got me with "Most importantly serve Jesus by my side..."
    Didn't see that coming! Started bawling! Can I blame postpartum hormones? probably not.

  2. This is precious! I found your blog through Lindsay Woods' blog by the way! Also, for fun, here is another DARLING movie theatre proposal.


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