Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Cabin Bash 2009

We spent New Year's Eve much the same way as last year, although the crowd changed by just a few couples! We went out to Riverbend Retreat Center (the Tarrant Co. Baptist encampment.) It's nice because everyone can spend the night and not worry about the crazies on the road, plus we have a kitchen and gym access.

I don't think anyone got a group picture this year or couple pictures, so that's a little sad. We rang in the New Year playing Rock Band. (I might be borderline addicted to that game for I cannot stop playing.) We paused for about 30 seconds to count down to 2010, then picked right back up.

We split up meals for the shindig with one group bringing dinner on Thursday night, some did snacks, and another providing breakfast the next morning. Ashley and I did breakfast with her making Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls (they are SO good) and me with a brunch casserole. (Julie, the recipe is in this link!)

We had a blast and are so blessed to have a wonderful and fun group of friends to ring in the new year.

Here are some of the pics I did take of playing in the gym.

A game of knockout

Julie with a major serve

Friendly dispute about interference.
Love Tara's face in this pic. Very concerned.

My Sweetie.

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