Friday, January 15, 2010

FFF: Movies from My Childhood (FYI: That would be the 80s.)

The blog's got the winter blahs. The best way to cure the winter blahs is to watch ridiculously awesome movies from your childhood. Here are my faves in no order.

1. Troop Beverly Hills
They camp at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is my movie.

2. The Goonies

3. PeeWee's Big Adventure
Regardless of what you think about PWH, he was a big part of that decade and because of him, everyone knows there is no basement in the Alamo. He taught you some Texas history, my friends.

4. Flight of the Navigator
The kid flies a spaceship. Who hasn't wanted to do that?

5. Annie
This needs no commentary.

Honorable Mentions: Short Circuit, The Land Before Time, The Muppets Take Manhattan, and The Care Bear Movie.

Noticeable Omissions: The Neverending Story. The giant flying dog and creepy music when the kid is in the attic still freaks me out.

What have I left off the list?


  1. You covered some of my favorites! LOVED Flight of the Navigator and the Care Bear Movie - did you see the second one with the red devil-boy?
    Others that come to mind:
    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
    An American Tail
    The Chipmunk Adventure
    Pippi Longstocking
    and, of course, all the great Disney movies!

  2. I love ALL of those! Good picks. matt and I also used to watch "Space Camp" and "Clue" a lot.

  3. Once again, your post has convinced me that we might have been separated at birth.
    I would have put Short Circuit before the Flight of the Navigator, but other than... I am with you on every choice.

    My only other additions might be Steel Magnolias (does that count from our childhood? Its my favorite of all time.) and Spaceballs.

    I am with you on The Neverending story too. Very creepy.

  4. This list needs some male influence... so let me add a few.

    Back to the Future
    The Karate Kid
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Teen Wolf
    Real Genius
    The Wizard (hello Super Mario Bros. 3)

    There are a ton of 80's movies that I grew to appreciate after I was older too.

  5. I came to comment to add a movie that Brad has already said...Back to the Future. I seriously cannot think about my childhood without thinking of these movies. And I can't think of the '80s without thinking of Michael J. Fox. :)

  6. Here's one most won't mention. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. I second Teen Wolf and add Labrynth.

  7. I found your blog through Sherry's and love reading from time to time -- just have to add to this list. Totally agree with AK on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, An American Tail, Pippi Longstocking ("she's comin' in to your world"). What about Adventures in Babysitting?! Loved that one.

  8. Seriously! Neverending Story, Short Circuit and Land Before Time didn't make the top 5.They sure make mine. AND I am with KAtie, PIPPI LONG STOCKINGS!!! :) hA! Cute post during this ugly rainy winter weather.

  9. I loved An American Tail. It almost made the list! Am I the only one who remembers getting An American Tale books in either a happy meal or some other fast food kid's meal?

    Katie reminded me of a good one--I can't believe I forgot Adventures in Babysitting. I love it!!! And how on earth could I forget Pippi?

    I should've made a Friday Fave Ten, but it doesn't have quite the ring though, does it?

  10. Totally with you on The Neverending Story Emily...


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