Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Power of Love

Last night was the night. The awaited for, exciting, thrilling evening when Celine Dion's tour came through Dallas. Even Emmitt Smith was there!

First of all, some history. I've seen Celine Dion in concert three times. The first time she was the opening act for Michael Bolton. (Yes, that would imply that I, in fact, have seen Michael Bolton in concert--actually, TWICE. In case you were wondering, it was before he cut his hair.) I saw her again during The Today Show's Summer concert series at Rockefeller Center on an NYC trip with Alisia and Amanda. And now, concert numero three last night at the AAC with my mom.

It was so fun! I can't remember the last time I went to a concert where I knew all the words to all the songs. Some of them took me WAY back to 1996 and my first taste of freedom called a driver's license. Some of them just made me laugh when I thought of how many times I sung those power ballads about finding true love (in the car, at the top of my lungs) coming from the heart of a girl looking for just that. And there I was so many years later, going to a concert on some tickets given to me by my very own love. The thought feels like a great big hug.

Celine kicked it off with "I Drove All Night." I can't remember the order but she played all the hits: "The Power of Love," "Because You Loved Me," "I'm Your Angel," "Waiting For You," "The Prayer" (with Bocelli via video--beautiful!), and many, many more. She did a cover of "How Do I Get You Alone" originally performed by Heart. Of course, the big finale was "My Heart Will Go On." I wonder if she is sick of singing that song.

I may or may not have some video that may or may not have me singing loudly in the background while at the same time a random man of great fabulosity 5 rows behind us screams to Celine, "Get it girl! That is my favorite song!" during "The Power of Love."


  1. Fun times...I want video that may or may not have you singing!

  2. That is one small and short dress! She's brave to wear that on stage with people below her! haha


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