Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crafting Bee

Today we had a crafting bee at my house. Several of the girls came over and brought their craft projects to work on, like scrapbooking or sewing stuff. We spread out over the kitchen table to work on our stuff and have a good long visit. I think that's probably the most fun way I've ever gotten my projects done.

We ate a few of these (from Swiss Pastry Shop.)

Kylene worked on her scrapbook.

Beth was a scrapbooker too.

And Leigh worked on some sewing

Last fall, my mother-in-law sent me home with her sewing machine to let me borrow it indefinitely. Leigh (who is a master furniture refinisher/seamstress extraordinaire) taught me how to use it today. My very first project ever was accent pillows for my dining window seat, which had the opportunity to be really disappointing (to myself.) Thankfully, they turned out exactly as I had hoped (so I will probably be making tons more since that is all I know how to do.)

1 comment:

  1. I appreciate your faith in me but I think you might have over sold my skills just a little bit. :)

    It was so much fun and I am so proud of your pillows!


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