Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Ice Storm of 2009

Like everywhere else in DFW, our daily routine came to a screeching halt yesterday with the Great Ice Storm of 2009. Of the other ice days we've had over the past few years, I think this is the first time I didn't drive into work for at least part of the day. But by 10 am, my work meetings had been converted to conference calls, and I realized that I wasted a day of actually doing my hair (when a pony tail would have sufficed.) Oh well. But hey, I got the laundry done, so that was a bonus.

By the end of the day, I had a little cabin fever, so we loaded up for dinner at that fine American dining establishment dotting the landscape of every major interstate--Waffle House. I'm trying out a new app on my iPhone called "Camera Bag" that you use to apply different effects to your iPhone photos. It's pretty much awesome. This is the 1970 effect.


  1. oooh so fun! i don't even have TEXTING, so will you please show other effects so i can live vicariously through your technology? yay! thanks! =)

  2. The coffee mugs have become more classy since I last went. Menus look the same.

  3. Those phones can do too much! I am happy with my plain Jane phone. I just like it to call people! Now if I had your iPhone to play around wiht for a week, I'm sure I couldn't go back to my plain phone. :) So please don't let me borrow it or play with it!


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