Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Day of Summer

Ladies and Gentleman,

Making her very first online appearance,
please give a rousing round of applause for

Miss Penelope Lane Gentry

also known as Penny Lane or just plain Penny (said with Desmond's accent.)

We adopted a puppy from the animal shelter today. We're not really sure how old she is, but she appears to be a beagle mix. She is sweet, and now that we're back from buying out PetSmart, we are having fun playing with her.

(P.S.  Twenty points if you know where the Desmond reference comes from!)


  1. pound puppies are the best.

    you guys will have a blast with her.

  2. Sweet puppy!

    Your trivia is just too easy though, brother ;)

  3. How fun! Hope we see you walking by sometime soon!

  4. adorable! good preparation aaay!?! ;) LOL hope you had fun with your fam last weekend!

  5. Penny is adorable!! Makes me want one. But Gabby, Jack and Jill said NO, Meow, thank you!

    Trivia: Ummm. HELLO! LOST!! This was kinda easy trivia. Got any more I would know the answers too? I never know any trivia ansers! :)


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