Sunday, August 24, 2008

Celebrate Good Times, Come On.

Friday morning started very early--like 3 am early because I had to work from 3-5:30. Yikes! I went back to bed for about 30 more minutes, then got up to get ready for work and pack for a girls' trip to San Antonio.

After noon, I hopped a flight to San Antonio and caught a cab to our hotel on the Riverwalk to start my weekend off with a NAP. It was wonderful and got me totally prepared for the night's festivities--the opening session of Living Proof Live (a Beth Moore conference) and fajitas at one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants, Mi Tierra, at almost midnight.

I met up with these ladies! They are some dear college friends of mine. I actually did my very first Beth Moore Bible study with them back in the day. It was A Heart Like His, about the life of David.

Amber, Mikalah, and Sherry

I'm still going over my notes from the conference. Beth has such an anointing from the Lord to teach the Bible. The conference was a time of refreshing. She spoke on the inheritance we have as daughters of the King. I have to post more on that later.

Here we are eating Mexican food again on Saturday. What else do you do in San Antonio?

Saturday night after I got home, I hung out with a couple of my absolute favorites, Brad and my brother Drew. We ate at Mellow Mushroom and watched the finished of the Olympic Marathon.

I have had a fantastic weekend. I am so blessed! Thanks so much to everyone who sent cards, texted, and called. I especially love it when people sing on my voicemail. It makes my year!

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  1. so much fun! can't wait for our next girls weekend! love the pics!


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