Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baptist Children of the 80s

If you know Psalty, raise your hand. Raise it higher if you've been in one of his musicals. I can't begin to list the memories I have of doing these at my church. But I distinctly remember that they involved wearing jams. I know someone else reading this had to have worn jams too.

50 points if you know Psalty's wife and children's names.

I love the blue lycra.


  1. Can't believe I missed out on Psalty all these years! I'm gonna be sining this song all day now! :P

  2. The kids were Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony. In the first Psalty production I cast Michael Ross as Rhythm, Kyla Hale as Melody, and Kim Johnson as Harmony. I don't recall a wife for Psalty. Steve Brown played Psalty the second year, but Tim Denison was the first Psalty.

  3. This makes me happy! His wife's name was Psaltina. Ashley and I were in performances of Kids Praise 5 (with Farley McFirefly) and Kids Praise 6 (all about missions). Oh how I miss those days!

  4. JAMS!!!

    I had a pair with tropical fish all over them. They were the coolest! I wore them with two colors of socks and one of those ring things on the side of my t-shirt =)

  5. I am also remembering Charity Churchmouse...

    and a song that goes "we're going camping now--we're on our way..."

    That was my favorite!

  6. "we're gonna climb up the mountain and RUN and JUMP and PLAY..."

    Can't even begin to tell how much Psalty was involved in our childhood!


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