Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Organized Summer Fun

I'm taking the opportunity to catch up some on our summer activities here, mostly for posterity's sake. That's one benefit of blogging about family life--you remember where you were when because it is published on the www for review!

The first couple of weeks this summer were spent in swim lessons. Last summer he took from Fort Worth Family Swim, but this year we chose to use TCU's Swim Camp. Children have to be age 4, I believe, to take part in this one. It's run by the TCU Head Swim Coach, and he uses TCU swimmers, grad assistants, and a few others that have come through his summer camp program to teach the lessons.

Lessons are taught at the TCU Rec Center indoor pool with 4-5 children assigned to an instructor in each lane. While there are quite a few more people in the pool during lesson time, I think that increased Jack's enjoyment of the water. By the end of the two weeks, Coach Sybesma knew which kid matched with what parent, and intermittently spoke with parents about their child's progress and the parent's expectations. I was impressed with the program and highly recommend it.

For the past 7 weeks, our little ladybug has been immersed in all things dance. One of my Pure Barre friends is the preschool coordinator at a local dance studio, and she reminded me that AB was old enough for classes this summer. She has had a blast. From the moment she tried on her tap shoes at the local dance shoppe, she was smitten.

Please pardon the grainy photo. I cropped it close for the privacy of the other girls. Most of what I have taken are really sweet videos of her twirling about the room with ballerina arms. Her excitement once we get to the studio is uncontainable, and she usually sprints to the door when the teacher opens the classroom, then again when she comes out to change from ballet to tap. Parents are allowed to watch from the lobby where there are windows into the classroom. It's one of the most precious things to see!

I'm glad we did swim lessons early in the summer and equally glad we've had something do each week taking AB to dance as the summer has begun to slow down. Who can believe August is almost here again?!

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  1. SO fun! I was going to ask about the age of swim lessons, so I'll plan on starting those with C next summer. We're loving gymnastics right now, but dance has been in the back of my mind, too. So many choices!


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