Friday, July 10, 2015

Babies and More Babies

I've launched a new look today, thanks to Anna at Designer Blogs, so if you're reading through Feedly or another RSS reader, I'd love for you to click on through and take a look!

My friend was such a champ earlier this week. After laboring for 30 something hours, she finally was delivered of her sweet little guy. (I'm leaving out a lot of details here--she is wonder mom.) Annabelle and I were able to meet him and fell in love with his precious little self. She loved it for a few minutes, and then she'd had enough of her mom holding another baby and was done with that.

At the hospital, the topic of baby fever and whether I will have more little sweeties came up. (Current answer: no.) While this was a perfectly normal conversation to have in that company, I find it interesting when folks who do not have a close relationship with my family or me ask it. It doesn't bother me, but I do think it's quite a personal thing to ask. I would go so far as to categorize it with asking a childless couple when they are starting a family, which is incredibly annoying. If they are having trouble conceiving, it's not just annoying, it's hurtful.

Do you agree, or am I totally off the mark?


  1. I was hoping this could be a baby announcement...ha! ;-) Either way, that baby is cute - and so is your sweet girl!

  2. TOTALLY agree. It sort of weirds me out. And because we have two boys we are often asked when we're "going to try for that girl!" Which is even MORE weird. I usually answer that we love our family and even if we wanted more, we can't exactly pick and would just be happy for healthy babies. :O

  3. Yes--bugs me so much--especially the trying for a boy question! After waiting six years to grow (not start, another pet peeve) our family, I got lots of practice at answering ungracious questions graciously!
    Love your new look and that you're back to blogging and PB teaching.

  4. SUCH a beautiful picture of you!

    And yes, when we were childless, it became incredibly annoying! We chose to wait for several years (nearly 6) before even thinking about children. Now that I have 2 boys, people ask ALL the time when we'll try for a girl... and I'm happy to tell them that I'd love to have a girl sometime soon! (Soon is relative of course... we do have a 5 month old. HA!)

  5. Completely agree. I get asked all the time when we are going to start having children by people who I barely know - it is downright uncomfortable!


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