Thursday, February 20, 2014

Every Week, A Party

February has flown by! I know it's because I've been procrastinating getting everything together for the two birthday parties we have going on this weekend and the next. So many people have told me how convenient it is that my kids' birthdays are two days apart, making one birthday party for both of them a snap. However I am a birthday GIRL, and it would not have gone over well with me if I'd had to share a party with my brother, much as I do love him.

Therefore, I can't imagine making my kids share a party, at least not at this stage in the game.

So that means over the next 7 days I'll be making two bakery stops, two balloon stops, and two very different party themes happen. I'm tired just thinking about it, but I'm doing it to myself so I'm not asking for sympathy.

Jack's birthday will be at Chick-fil-a. I know every mom on Pinterest just gasped in unison at the thought of me not having special customized wraps on his bottled water, but it's his favorite thing in the world, and who am I to deprive him of it? He loves to play on the playground, and I love their diet coke, so really it's a win-win for both of us. Plus I can prolong cleaning up my house for company for the next week when we have Annabelle's party here. I even sprung for the cow to make a special appearance. He's going to have a blast!

While I've been sporadic posting around here lately, I've been on some other blogs recently:

You may have seen my post here regarding our trip to Cook Children's Urgent Care. They featured that post on the Cook Children's blog We Do it All For Kids. It's a great resource for any parent, not just locals, so check it out. I can't say enough good things about Cook Children's.

My latest post over at Fort Worth Moms Blog is on new date night dining options in Fort Worth. We tried Cane Rosso late last week, and it was delicious!


  1. You go, Mom! My brother and I are 7 days apart (with 4 years between) - and when I was around 6 or 7 we shared parties (which wasn't the worst) so I TOTALLY understand! And, I would LOVE to have a CFA b-day party for my, I am sure he'll LOVE that! :)

  2. You can tell I'm just catching up on posts...comments everywhere! Ha. Nonetheless, I had to comment on the Pinterest/wrapped bottle comment. I LOVE that his party was at CFA. In a world of overdone-outdo the next guy- it's a bit refreshing. Until this weekend I had no clue what my "theme" was going to be for the babies' 1st birthday and people have been asking me for 3 months!! I felt like a mom failure. I am such a party girl! I was an event planner for sobbing out loud! I love that his party is a reflection of him! That's a successful celebration :)


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