Thursday, February 6, 2014

Easy Valentine Tissue Tassel Garland

Earlier this week I got a little bored during naptime, which is code for "I was procrastinating the laundry." I realized that I didn't have any Valentine decorations up on my mantle so I began feverishly googling an easy idea using stuff I had on hand. Thus I found myself trying my hand at tissue tassels.

Now previously this has been kind of a final frontier craft for me. I figured that there was no way I could get tassels looking exactly how I wanted them and would probably tear the tissue paper up in the process. I was only half wrong. The tassels weren't quite how I wanted them, but they were passable, and I did not tear up the paper. At least not the majority of it.

I used this tutorial from HGTV, written by The TomKat Studio, which is a really fun party blog, if you've never checked them out before.

I posted on Instagram (follow me here!) that this is one of those crafts I would heretofore rather pay someone else to make. Mostly because I couldn't feel my fingertips after from rolling all those little paper tassels up. It felt like I rubbed my fingerprints off.

That probably won't stop me though. Those red and white tassels are just begging for some dark blue friends to join them in cheering on our guys and girls in the Olympics starting tomorrow!


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