Monday, November 25, 2013

Mama Monday: What a SAHM is Missing

I thought of something last night that I'm totally missing out on while being a stay at home mother.

(Hold on to your hats. It's clearly very serious and important.)

(Except I am kidding in case you've not yet begun to understand my sarcasm.)

We're missing FOOD DAY AT WORK, SAHMs.

It didn't even register to me that I no longer get to experience the smorgasbord that is food day at work until last night when I was putting together party sandwiches for my husband to take to his office for food day today. Food day is when I found some of my best recipes--sampling my Co-Workers' dishes. Food day is one of the very best days to be in the office. (The #1 best day to be in the office is pay day.)

I think I may organize the other moms in my neighborhood for a potluck, which will technically be my very own food day at work.

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