Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Babies are not Staying Babies!

I have been completely gobsmacked over the past couple of days because Jack has transitioned to his big boy bed.

Yes, the bed has been in his room since before he was born, waiting for this day.

Yes, I have been asking him about once a week for a month if he was interested in napping in it. (Answer: "No, Mommy. I sleep in my little bed.")

But this week? He took me up on it.

I wasn't ready for it. But he was. He's done it on own his terms, in his own time, which is what I wanted. And I will be okay with it. Hopefully before he goes off to college.

Annabelle is already in the exersaucer. She took to it like a queen on her throne, rotating around in the seat, surveying her domain. Where did my tiny girl go?

It's heartbreaking and a total delight both at the same time.

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